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25th-Apr-2011 06:49 pm - Mini-fics!
Conrad by ignixferroque
Mini-fics written for fanfic_bakeoff , a fun place to play when you're feeling competitively drabbly.

Title: Passing The Time
Fandom: Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name
Word Count: 179
Rating: PG-13 (violence, blood, sexual situations)
Characters: Worth, Lamont
Summary: There’s little else to do when there aren’t any patientsCollapse )

Title: Shoulda Got Chinese
Fandom: Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name
Word Count: 134
Rating: PG (language)
Characters: Conrad, Sassybat
Summary: Pizza, the staple of graphic artists-about-to-become-vampires everywhereCollapse )

Title: Game Night
Fandom: Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name
Word Count: 171
Rating: G
Characters: Hanna, {…}, Veser
Summary: Every TuesdayCollapse )
16th-Mar-2011 10:39 pm - [FIC] Burn Holy (Chapter 1 of 2)
goofy bernard
Title: Burn Holy
Author: rocket_happy
Rating: T
Characters: Finas, Casimiro, Adelaide, disposable OCs
Pairings: None, unless you count the almost sickening bromance.
Warnings: Violence, gore, some language.
Summary: In 1659, buried somewhere in the hills of England, Finas awakens inside a coffin. In 1722, bloodlust burning in his throat, Casimiro slaughters a village.

Don't worry, the next part of "Note to Self" will be up soon, but until then, here's this! It's kind of sad how long I've been working on this. Since the middle of summer, I'm not kidding. I originally intended for it to be a oneshot, but...it got long. So. Yeah. The last half will be up...whenever. I've gotten stuck, but I've written a lot.

16th-Dec-2010 05:29 pm - another FST? I think so.

Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name
Subject Matter: All Characters, a few bonus pairings
Title: so we just dance
Genre: Electronic
Rating: PG, no swearing at all
Notes: Today I bring you a HINABN electronic fanmix. This is my first fanmix ever, but I think it turned out well enough. And it was way more fun then I first expected. Why electronic? Because it hasn't been done before, and I'm not so fond of Ludo or Queen. AHEM, I mean, surely there are other HINABN fans that are electronic junkies like me? Either way, I felt like it was a change of pace for the fandom.

Check it out ( HERE )
6th-Sep-2010 08:51 pm - HiNaBN @ Dragon*Con 2010
tiger sleep lazy

Aaaand with Tessa:


(If I'm abusing the tags, plz to not be hurting me, I'm sorry! I just want the whole set!)
19th-Jul-2010 04:00 am(no subject)
Ringo - MWAH
HERE I AM AGAIN. But uh, instead of sad pandas I bring you some hopeful lulz. IT'S SORTA MY TAKE ON POSSIBLY WHY CASIMIRO HATES ADELAIDE SO GOSH DARN MUCH. And hey, it was inspired by Ricky Martin, so it's gotta be funny, right?

Title: Livin' La Vida Loca
Characters:  Casimiro, Adelaide. Brief mentions of Finas
Warnings: Language, and critical hits to to the nads.
 She's in to superstitions, black cats and voo-doo dolls; I feel a premonition, that girl's gonna make me fall.



Soyea. Before you say things about Casimiro being Italian; YES I KNOW. I AM AWARE TESSA SAID THAT IN HER Q&A. However, before that journal was released, she'd told me in a ustream that he was a Spaniard, and that's what I've been sticking with. Haters can hate.
2nd-Jul-2010 11:21 pm - hhhhhhhhh
[ lorax ] smoke on
sup dudes, are you tired of me yet? i just like making icons is all. 8( this time it's adelaide being her sexy sassybat self. i'm contemplating making a set for everyone ever and posting them by chapter. is this cray-cray, y/n?

( over heeeeere, bro! )
1st-Jul-2010 03:03 am - [FIC] Sooner or Later
Title: Sooner or Later
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Words: 1,785

Read more...Collapse )
A bunch of drabble-esque pieces using the lyrics to Sooner or Later by Breaking Benjamin as prompts. I took the challenge here and got a chance to try and get a better feeling for their characters. Veser's about 16 in his drabble thing.
24th-Jun-2010 07:01 am(no subject)
Alright, time to start something big!

So the other week I came up with an idea for a huge HiNaBN dystopian AU. I spoke with HosekiDragon about it and we decided to collaborate. Much world-building and awesomeness ensued.

I am now pleased to show you all the first chapter of our big, multichaptered AU: Lightwaves. We have a whole world planned out, histories for the characters, all sorts of things, and we hope to bring you an epic fic while still remaining true to Tessa's characters and the spirit of the comic. It's awesome, and we can only hope you will all enjoy reading it as much as we've enjoyed creating it. If you like what you see here, please be sure to check out the DA account and check out fun things like the character profiles and everything else we've set up! :3

Regarding the actual chapter, it starts off somewhat slow but I really enjoyed writing it. I just hope it serves to draw people in. Anyway, um, that's all I've got. I hope you all enjoy!

Title: Lightwaves
Rating: PG-13 at present
Characters: un!Zombie, Conrad, Hanna, a bit of Toni and Adelaide so far
Chapters: 1/???
Description: Sprawling thousands of miles and surrounded by walls, the City of Varuna is a sight to behold. People are under constant watch and surveillance under the name of protection. The only issue now is Undesirables. Paranormal creatures, vampires and werewolves, remnants of an ancient and dying world. These creatures are expected to register with the government and are seen as second class citizens, living in oppression so as to avoid tainting the other citizens and ruining their quality of life.

"Eli" is a member of the Ahimsa, the police agency charged with dealing with Undesirables. He's beginning to feel rather disillusioned with the world he's living in. Fortunately for him, a certain redhead is about to come crashing into his life...

He was pretty sure it was Tuesday.Collapse )<a href="http://community.livejournal.com/hinabn/78675.html>Here</a>
14th-Jun-2010 06:37 pm - Love is like Music Drabble
A small drabble for the Punk! Hanna/Detective!UnZombie AU floating around.
Yoai bt it's so vauge it probably doesn't count.


Love is like music. It starts off slow, experimentally. Strumming the strings to see if every thing’s alright. Is it tuned correctly? Are the strings too loose? Too tight? Would the noises made sound pained? Or would they soar free? It turns into a practiced old pattern. A tune played for warm up. A song everyone has learned. A song everyone knows. At least those with a desire to make noise. The strings are plucked and noise is made, it’s not perfect, not what you wanted, but getting there. Slowly the noises shift. A pattern is formed; something just a little beyond comfortable, something new, something that makes every hair stand on end. Three chords repeating now, the noise is where you want it to be. Three chords repeating, getting louder, getting more intense. There is a viciousness in every movement. Every single emotion ever felt, put into action. The sounds get louder. Every single action is building up to a single moment of fury, of fire, of the world in one noise. “Jayne!”

You collapse, red head underneath you, only he’s so much more than a simple red head. He is everything you never believed you could have, everything you never thought you wanted. He is there panting. Lips swollen and red, like fire, from kissing highlighting each of his lip piercings, Mohawk limp, Face flushed with desire and ecstasy. You’re tired, too tired, but not too tired  to reach over and grasp the thin, young magician by his waist. Like a song fading off into the distance he murmurs “I love you.” Every banshee, troll, harpy, griffin, and angry tree nymph that troubled you are gone. There is nothing in the world but you. Nothing outside this feeling of pure joy. The world grows slightly darker and before sleeps drags you off, you, in turn, murmur back, “I love you, Hanna.” Your eyes slip closed, the world is black.

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