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+ Hanna is Not a Boy's Name +
[ LJ Fan Community ]
12th-May-2011 06:41 pm(no subject)
Title: Silk Carnations
Rating: Mature
Summary:  Brothel and Courtesan AU! Client!Cas is infatuated with the previously frigid Courtesan!Fin but Finas dosen't know how to react and is apprehensive. 
Pairings: AUCasfin <3
I blame Oxytreza, for creating this infectious AU whichIdidnotcomeupwith.
Also of course, Tessa herself for tolerating this shit. xD

Please don't hurt me XD I know it's corny and sappy, but it was fun to write!

Fic here <3Collapse )
3rd-May-2011 08:31 pm(no subject)

I'm de-Lurking and bringing my first Hanna fic with me. :3

Title: Poor thing doesn't have a tittle yet. :C
Characters: Punk!Hanna/Jayne(un!undead zombie)
Rating: Pg-13 as of now. Some cussing.
Summary: Hanna has been on the run ever since his parents were murdered seven years ago. One day a 'investigator' named Jayne finds him. I suck at summaries but beware that an adorable bromance WILL ensue.
Read more...Collapse )
30th-Apr-2011 12:08 am - Have a little sunshine.
I just thought you all should know, Hanna exists, and he's a toddler, and I can't handle it.

That's all I've got, but it's so worth it, gah. <3
25th-Apr-2011 06:49 pm - Mini-fics!
Conrad by ignixferroque
Mini-fics written for fanfic_bakeoff , a fun place to play when you're feeling competitively drabbly.

Title: Passing The Time
Fandom: Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name
Word Count: 179
Rating: PG-13 (violence, blood, sexual situations)
Characters: Worth, Lamont
Summary: There’s little else to do when there aren’t any patientsCollapse )

Title: Shoulda Got Chinese
Fandom: Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name
Word Count: 134
Rating: PG (language)
Characters: Conrad, Sassybat
Summary: Pizza, the staple of graphic artists-about-to-become-vampires everywhereCollapse )

Title: Game Night
Fandom: Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name
Word Count: 171
Rating: G
Characters: Hanna, {…}, Veser
Summary: Every TuesdayCollapse )
23rd-Apr-2011 09:22 am - Feel better soon, Tessa! >o
Around the world, they love Hanna! (not by me, but Tessa needs loooove~ )
by ~lamblamb on deviantART
20th-Apr-2011 02:43 am - Fic - Forever 1/1
Title: Forever
Author: breezyeast 
Rating: G
Characters: Hanna, {...}, mentions of others
Pairings: Mostly Hanna/{...} bromance,
Warnings: Hanna angst
Distribution: I’ll post this on archiveofourown.org too.
Summary: Hanna has never had a best friend before, and sometimes the thought of it nearly drowns him with emotion.

Eh, first time doing much of anything with this LJ account, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got what everything does worked out.

Every morning, Hanna wakes up to the smell of breakfast. It should probably be a crime that someone who doesn’t eat anymore makes such delicious pancakes, but luckily it isn’t yet...
18th-Apr-2011 09:46 pm - question, my lovelies
i&#39;m the crazy bitch around here
Oh, God, you guys, I'm so embarrassed asking this question, you don't even know.

Here it is: I want to write something in the punk!verse. This is a staggeringly stupid question, I know, but: do I need to ask someone's permission? And if so, whose? 

Is it lilyjordyn over on deviant art? Is it someone else? Please, tell me, I have no clue whatsoever what I'm doing! 

Thank you, darling Hanna lovers. And don't forget: I'm just as embarrassed as you.
goofy bernard
Title: Note to Self - Invest in a Sofa Bed
Author: rocket_happy
Rating: T
Characters: Worth, Hanna, Lamont
Pairings: N/A
Warnings: Language, violence, gore, poor traumatized little Hanna.
Summary: The kid's just lying there on the filth-encrusted alley floor with the tomcats descending on him and his chest's all torn open like nobody's business, and Luce Worth's just glad his too-small couch will finally be big enough for somebody.

Sorry for the gap between this chapter and the last one! School's been really kicking my ass. But here's chapter three! Thanks for all the positive feedback!

Hanna is crowded against the passenger door, trying to put as much space between himself and the stench of his parents' death clinging to Worth's skin and clothes.Collapse )
13th-Apr-2011 11:48 pm(no subject)
Hello, this is my first post here, but on tumblr they are collecting words of encouragement to send to Tessa, you can read the rest here at Tessagrams if anyone would like to join in on the care package.
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