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+ Hanna is Not a Boy's Name +
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Another from The Lazy Y!gallery files... 
1st-Jul-2010 04:52 pm
"Really?" Conrad
...This time in ConWorth flavor.

Title: Blood & Furnishings (part 1 of 2 because LJ keeps telling my my post is too long. Bastards.
Authors: theempress14 & kitsune_girl 
Pairing: Conrad/Worth
Rating: R for language, angst & Swedish furniture (the smexing comes in Part 2. Nudge Nudge.)
Summery: "You serious? This is whatcha do on a Friday night?"

Conrad was gonna have a good night! He had plans and as soon as the sun was down he was out of his apartment & on his way. He buttoned the last button on his shirt & patted his hair. He really hated not being able to check himself in the mirror. He wandered over to the fridge & pulled out a bag of blood. The hipster had desensitized himself to the whole situation by now. A life time of practicing to mentally distort hard facts to deal with them really paid off. He cut the bag open with a pair of scissors & poured it into his favorite mug before placing it in the microwave. He sauntered over to the window & peeked out of his drapes. Wouldn’t be long now. He returned to the microwave once it started to beep.

He had seen him peek out the window cautiously from his perch on a bench across the street. With what looked like thick thermal drapes strew over the windows, he was surprised the little pussy even risked getting himself burned by checking the sun’s position. Wouldn’t be long now. The Doctor was feeling edgy tonight & the scalpel didn’t deliver the solace he was looking for. So he went out in search of the next best thing. The squirm of another living (or in this case, dead) person. & where better to find it? There were worse ways to spend a Friday evening. He put out the stub of his cigarette & lit another. Yup, wouldn’t be long now.

Running his finger around the inside of the cup, Conrad fought his disgust with himself but he licked his finger clean. After rinsing out his mug & placing it in the dish washer, he pocketed his wallet, pulled on his shoes and headed out the door. He locked it behind him and made his way out to the lobby. The city still had a dry dusty smell so closely after sunset & it was one of those moments that Conrad realized there was so much to miss. He came out of the building, hands in his pockets, & started down the path his feet knew pretty well.

Worth followed about half a street behind the pale man, not so much stalking him as searching for the chance to make his own special introduction. He received it when Conrad stopped at the corner waiting for the crosswalk light to change. Worth wondered sourly why a dead man would worry about getting hit by a car. Still, he walked up behind Conrad as close as he could get without touching him & loomed over his shoulder.

“Hey there, Puppy.” He graveled, puffing cigarette smoke with practiced skill into Conrad’s face.

The vampire jumped a mile in the air. He involuntarily gasped, mostly out of habit, than started coughing spazmaticly. He didn’t need the air but the smoke burned his lungs.

“You.” He growled out once he felt he could. “What do you want? Wait. Never mind I don’t care. Just go away!” He hollered before he hurriedly crossed the road.

Worth followed a few steps behind, shoulders hunched (more than usual) in a nonchalant way, his hands stuffed into his pockets.

“Now why would I go’n do that? Dontcha want comp’ny?” He offered in mock friendship. “So, where are ya off to in such a hurry? Gotta date? Ah, tha's what it is. Ya got cherself a hot date.” Worth chewed on his cigarette butt. “What’s his name?”

Conrad bristled visibly. “Shut up.” He whirled around on the blond man. “Not that you need to know but I’m going shopping. Boring, old, run of the mill, shopping. Nothing that would interest a psychotic, med school dropout, so go away!” He turned & walked a little faster towards his destination. Worth cocked an eyebrow & stopped in his tracks a moment. He then fell back into step behind Conrad.

The brunette ignored Worth as best he could. He smiled as his destination came into view. A giant blue and yellow building loomed ahead. There was no way that the likes of Worth would ever be caught dead in the local IKEA. Conrad smiled to himself as he approached the building. He waited patiently for another shopper to walk by (the automatic doors never seemed to pick up on him now & the last thing he wanted was to walk into the glass door in his moment of triumph.) & seemingly escaped into the store.

Just as Conrad believed himself to be alone was when Worth decided to pop up again.

“What d'you know what’d interest me?” He asked. He took sweet satisfaction in making Conrad jump out of his skin twice in the same hour, laughing like a backfiring engine. Once Conrad had his wits about him again Worth added: “And really? You serious? This is whatcha do on a Friday night? Shop fer furniture?”

Conrad turned & tried to keep his temper down as they were in a very crowded store.”I have to spend a lot of time inside now & I want to redecorate my living room and bedroom. I also need more shelving in the kitchen for the dishes my mom sent me & black out curtains for my bedroom so I don’t burst into flames when I go to bed.” He spun on his heels and made for the escalator. Worth was right on his heels. The break was coming, he could feel it.

“Ah, ya gotta whole messa reasons to buy crappy Swedish furniture. How good fer you. But really, shouldn’t yer kind be out hangin' from rafters, commandin’ the children of the night.” They reached the top of the escalator & as Conrad stalwartly continued on, Worth followed. He reached out a hand and took Conrad by the collar. The man nearly fell on his ass & when Worth let him go, Conrad turned to really let him have it. Worth cradled his elbow in his hand & pointed at a long display wall of mirrors that Conrad had just almost walked in front of. He looked at the hipster in an unimpressed way & the ash drifted from his cigarette.

“Ya know, ya really are the worst vampire ever.” He told him.

“Thanks.” He said sarcastically & still glaring at the other man. “You know you can’t smoke in here. Why don’t you go outside? Or keep smoking. They’ll kick your crazy ass out & we’ll both be happy. You’ll get to smoke and I can shop in peace.” He started down another hall away from all the mirrors. He came to the living room set ups & started looking around as if the other man hadn’t followed him.

Worth gave Conrad a sickly grin around the glowing cigarette. He plucked it from his lips & ground it out in a nearby sofa. The imitation leather hissed unpleasantly & a tendril of smoke wafted upward. He discarded the half smoked butt & immediately pulled another from his pocket. He placed it in his mouth but didn’t light it.

Conrad’s eyes grew three times their size. He then looked around to make sure no one had seen that and hurried to the next set up. He looked at the large television cabinet but shook his head & started testing out the cupboards. “Why do you feel the need to follow me around?” he questioned not looking at the doctor. “You’re just doing it to be a bastard. Isn’t there someone else for you to bother?”

“Sorry, Princess, but I gotta.” Worth flopped into an angular armchair made of thin wood and black cushions. His fur collar bloomed around his neck as his coat shifted & Conrad thought he looked like the evil genius in a Bond flick. Worth crossed his legs at the ankle and crossed his arms “It’s just no fun with anyone else.”

Worth’s smarmy, evil demeanor dissolved as he flexed his back irritably.

“How the bloody hell d’ya sit in this thing? S’made of fuckin’ plywood.”

Conrad rolled his eyes as he flopped down on a low sofa. “If you don’t like it sit somewhere else.” He said simply. He shifted uncomfortably & tried to adjust the pillows but that didn’t help. “Or this is an uncomfortable set. Let’s try another one.” He walked over to the next area where an armless white sectional was just the place for him to plop down. He liked this room. More modern & artsy. He especially liked the headphone hooks with outlines of head phones on the wall. He liked the smaller T.V. stand too. Worth sat down himself, making sure to sit a bit too close to Conrad. He laid his head back and looked up into the ceilingless living room. He rolled his head to the side at regarded Conrad cryptically.

“S’hard to get blood stains outta white upholstery, ain’t it?” He said, before patting Conrad’s knee none to softly, standing & moving to the next little cubicle. He loved playing with the vampire like this. It provided a wonderful snarky satisfaction like nothing else could & if Conrad left the shop in a huff without a single stick of furniture, Worth would consider that a very high victory.

The vampire followed after the doctor. “For your information I do not…eat in my living room.” He said annoyed. He stood in the next room, eyeing it. He spotted a black, square arm chair with a very deep seat. He slid into it and hummed his satisfaction. “This is nice.” He moaned leaning his head back and snuggling into the seat. He tilted his head back & closed his eyes thinking about where he could put it in the living room.

Worth sat on a matching love seat, back against an arm rest and one leg draped over the cushions. He bounced a moment as if testing the loveseat’s durability then settled in. He sat looking around the cubicle’s set up of black leather upholstery & walls lined with bookshelves and all kinds of organization caddies. He closed his eyes & let it sink in a moment longer before he began to laugh. A raspy wheeze that matured into a full on cackle that only ceased when laughter gave way to a hacking smoker’s cough. Worth doubled over & retrieved a nicked plastic Bic lighter from one of his coat pockets. The hacking subsided only after the Doc lit up & took a long, soothing drag. He then fell back into quiet, yet still self indulgent chuckles.

“What’s so funny?” Conrad asked as he looked back at the man. He had just gotten to a Zen place when that…that… man had started laughing like an insane asylum patient. He was smoking again too. Fine by him. The vampire wouldn’t help to keep Worth from getting kicked out of the store.

Worth wound down enough to speak.

“I’ve figured it out. I finally figured ya out. You an’ all the little yuppies like ya. Ya come inta places like this n’ see all the neat little rooms that no one has ever lived in n’ ya want it. Every little speck of dust blasted away; every last book ya never read but bought to look smart on its own labeled shelf. Little boxes ya can seal yerself up in nice and tight.” Worth all but crawled across the loveseat, leaning in toward Conrad. He scrutinized his pale face. “Things aren’t things to ya. They’re friends. Part of yer own special little universe n’ God ferbid anything that doesn’t have its own tidy spot nose into it. Because that throws you out of wack. N’that scares ya. Dudn’t it?”

Pushing the blond as hard as he could Conrad stood up abruptly.”You don’t know anything about me. I just thought the chair was comfortable. I like comfort, unlike a sadomasochist like you.” He rushed away to another part of the show room with several beautiful kitchens set up. He went about looking at some faux wood cabinets staunchly ignoring the hunched man.

Worth loomed behind Conrad, not entering any of the set ups, just waiting on the perimeter of the fake, stylish kitchens. Every now & then he would pick up something within arm’s reach and put it out of place. A line of mugs all hanging facing the right would have one chosen at random facing left. Every third drawer would be left open and sleek, stemless glassware would find itself used as an ashtray or spittoon. The frequency at which Worth ‘played’ with the inner workings of the set up increased & the distance between Conrad & himself decreased as the minutes ticked on. Before long, Worth found himself leaning over Conrad to stand chopsticks up in cups at the dinner places no one would ever eat at & reaching over Conrad’s shoulder to take out & pocket the glass canisters in the spinning spice racks. He stopped, arm outstretched & hand curled around the final bottle refusing to move away from Conrad and giving him no place to go.

With a will of steel Conrad had ignored the other man & went about his business looking through the cupboards. That is until Worth violated his personal space bubble. He finally decided on a course of action that he would have never gone with if the store had been more crowded. He elbowed the doctor, hard, in the ribs. “Cut it out.” He hissed.

Worth coughed once & took Conrad by the wrist.

“Why? Does it bug ya? Make ya crazy?” he asked, trying his hardest to hide his zest for the fight.

Conrad shook the hold the other man had off his wrist. He then grabbed worth’s boney arm & dragged him into a display boasting a whole apartment in just a few hundred square feet. He shoved the blonde into the ‘Bathroom’ area & slammed him into the wall of the tiny shower stall before pulling the curtain shut.

“I didn’t want to say it.” Conrad whispered harshly. He was very close to the other man & was very surprised with the emotions he could drum up in himself. “You had to be an asshole so I have to be the mean one. I know the reason why you’re bothering the shit out of me. Do we want to go into it right here, right now, or are you gonna leave me alone?”

Worth wasn’t afraid of this punk kid. He puffed, beginning to fill the top of the stall with smoke.

“I’ll risk it. Shoot, Kid.” He spat.

“Hanna’s not letting you fuck him anymore.” The vampire pressed the other man harder against the wall. “I don’t know how I know. Since I…changed I know things. I don’t try. It just happens. That and I can’t smell him on you. You haven’t smelled like the little spazz for almost a month now. You got all this sexual tension and you need to get rid of it somehow so you start by picking fights with me. Go ahead. Tell me I’m wrong.” He challenged.

Worth bit down on his cigarette & slapped Conrad’s hands away. He took Conrad by the shoulders & slammed him against the stall door. It made an echoing bang.

“Where’d ya get that?! What’s Hanna been telling ya?!” He growled. He seethed; smoke escaping from his nose like an unkempt dragon.

The vampire pushed the hands off him. “He hasn’t told me anything. I see you two together.” He knew that the other man couldn’t give him any personal space in the little fake shower stall. “When your skin touches his or you give him a certain look. I see you two. It’s like one of you is projecting the image.” If Conrad had the ability he would have blushed at the memories of the explicit images. “You like to take him from behind, bent over your desk or in that stupid chair of yours. Never at his place, never in a bed. You like it when he scratches up your back or pulls your hair. That enough info for ya? Now leave me the fuck alone.”

He hurried out of the bathroom stall. Worth hurried after him. He came out of fake apartment set up & saw Conrad hurrying away into the lighting show room. He snarled & followed him.

“Is that so? Is that just so, ya little fag?” He called after him. Light filtering through colored paper & hip glass cast strange shadows as Worth’s coat fluttered past.

“Then while we’re on the subject of things that may or may not be true, how 'bout this? Hold still,” Worth laid a hand on Conrad’s shoulder & Conrad shrugged him off. Worth grabbed him again and spun him around. “Hold still! Ya wanna know where I get all yer blood? Huh? What if I said I got it from the garbage? Y’know what happens when ya give blood to the Red Cross and ya’ve got some kind of blood disease? They call ya, tell ya ‘Sorry, but we don’t want it. Enjoy the pathogens.’ 'n they throw it away. AIDs, Hepatitis; taste good, Puppy? S’much easier to get than clean blood. 'n why would I waste it on a little fucker who can’t contract anyfin' anyway?”

Worth pushed Conrad away & sneered at him.

“That’ll give ya somefin' to chew on, huh? Opening yer big mouth s’not such a good idea now, is it?” Worth spun on his heel & headed back the way he came, kicking over a display of glass topped table lamps as he left.

People were turning and pointing at the spectacle. The two ninety pound blonde employees were fighting over who was going to approach the two men. Conrad had worked his whole life at blending into the background & now Worth had shattered it. The vampire felt anger well up inside him. He stalked after the tall man until they reached the outside of the store. On the edge of the parking lot the brunette finally caught up with Worth.

“Hey, asshole.”

Once the man turned, Conrad punched him as hard as he could. “Ow! God damn it!” He grumbled clutching his bruised fist to his chest.

Worth took the punch with only his head snapping left. He turned his head back, flexing his jaw & observed Conrad then straightened to stand at his full height. He heard his neck and shoulders pop & he looked down at Conrad. He took a long drag on his cigarette & threw it to the way side.

“So this is what we want.” Worth exhaled & the smoke made a halo around his head. He then rushed through the cloud & tackled the vampire. He punched & shook and rolled across the concrete with the younger man, knowing he couldn’t truly kill him & thus wanting to give him a good thrashing for bringing up nasty, recent wounds.

“How’s this fit into yer neat little cube?” he panted between swings.

Conrad fended off the blows as best he could. He had been in enough fights as a kid, or at least had the living daylights beaten out of him enough, to know how to get a bigger opponent off of him. He kneed the other man in the crotch then pushed Worth off him.

“I didn’t want any of this.” He yelled climbing to his feet. “You followed ME into the store & wouldn’t leave ME alone! I just. Wanted. Some fucking. FURNITURE!” he collapsed on the concrete next to the other man with his head in his hands.

Worth rolled over onto his size, the exquisite pain blossoming through him. If it hadn’t been a crotch shot, Worth might’ve had an erection. He clutched his groin & breathed deeply, working through the pain. When he trusted his body not to set on fire with any movement, Worth rolled over onto his back and stared the sky. A long silence held between them.

“What I said about your blood…S’a lie. S’clean as a whistle.” He told Conrad at last “Good work standin’ up to me like that.”

“Thanks.” Conrad mumbled. He pulled his legs up so he could rest his arms on them. “I’m sorry for what I said earlier. It’s none of my business. I wasn’t prying on purpose mind you, I just knew but I shouldn’t have brought it up. But I’m not sorry for kicking you in the crotch.” The young hipster went silent as if he was fighting an internal battle. Finally he sighed in a long suffering kind of way. Removing his glasses, the vampire scrunched up is face & pinched the bridge of his nose as if fighting off a headache. With his eyes squeezed shut tightly Conrad said, “Do you drink scotch?”

Worth regarded Conrad suspiciously & didn’t bother getting up.

“Whater ya talkin’ ‘bout?” he asked. “We just said the nastiest shit we could think of then got ina fistfight in an IKEA parking lot 'n you’re askin' if I drink goddam scotch?”

Conrad put his glasses back on & started to explain. “I did some free lance design work a while back & the guy liked my work so much he gave me a bonus & a bottle of fifteen year old, single malt scotch. It’s going to waste so I thought I’d offer you a drink. Like as a peace offering.” He finally turned to Worth. “So you coming or not cause I’m not going to ask you again.” He climbed to his feet & started walking back towards home.

Worth sat up & watched Conrad walk away a moment longer. Then stood & followed after him, hands stuffed in his pants pocket.

“When did ya grow a pair, princess?” he asked. He didn’t wait for an answer, just retrieved another cigarette& began to nurse it, comfortably.

The vampire let out an exasperated growl. ”Will you shut up!?” he kept walking. He just hoped no one he knew saw him walking with the bedraggled doctor. “Every ounce of my common sense is saying ‘what the hell did you say?! Run home & lock the door. Maybe he’ll go away.’ But I really feel bad about what I said and since I’m the civilized human out of the two of us I’m trying to get us back to our normal, verbally abusive relationship rather than a physically abusive one.” He stood in the door of his lobby. “So you coming up or what?”

“Can’t get ridda me that easy.” Worth said, muscling into the lobby of the apartment building in front of Conrad. He didn’t give a glance over his shoulder to see if Conrad was glaring at him. He smirked, knowing he was.

When the two men reached the door to the apartment Conrad unlocked the door & flicked on the light as he walked into the room. “I’d say make yourself comfortable but you’re probably just gonna do whatever you want anyway. Just close the door behind you.” Conrad walked into the kitchen & took down a glass tumbler and a large mug. He wasn’t that hungry but he didn’t want Worth to drink alone. A bag’s worth of blood was poured into the mug & placed in the microwave to warm. The vampire threw a few ice cubes in the glass then got the scotch down from the cabinet.

Worth kicked the door closed behind him & strode into the apartment. He took in the surroundings & really wasn’t very surprised. This was the first time he’s ever been in Conrad’s apartment &, in truth, it was exactly as he’d imagined it. A small but well organized apartment, complete with a tiny and neat kitchenette. In one corner of the sitting area was a well equipped computer desk. A Macbook and matching drawing tablet sat on it & a pair of large DJ headphones was hanging off the back of the rolling chair. Worth appraised the couch & love seat before picking the sofa and collapsing in it. He put his feet up & picked up a sketch pad that had been sitting on the coffee table. He began to flip through it lazily.

Conrad removed his warmed meal from the microwave & picked up the scotch he had just poured. It only took a few strides for him to be standing in the living room. That’s when he saw Worth with his sketch pad. “Hey!” he rushed over but found himself unable to snatch the pad away with the two drinks in his hands. He looked around desperately for a coaster. The only one he could see was across the room. “I didn’t invite you over to go through my stuff!! You’re just supposed to have your drink, enjoy the awkward silence & leave. Now, put that down!” he placed his blood next the computer & snatched a coaster for the scotch.

Worth didn’t look up from the pad more than a moment to smirk at the little wimp running around in circles. He continued to leisurely flip through the pages & raised an eyebrow as he came across a certain drawing.

“Well, this is some interestin’ shit.” Worth turned the pad toward the vampire to show him a charcoal drawing of a bat, angular & sketchy, scrawled against a heavily charcoaled background of black. Strange shapes of what Worth assumed to be not exactly human lurked through the scribbles. Hourglass figures & the more blocky shape of a Bella Lugosi cape intermingled among others. “Din’t think ya to be this dark, Puppy. ‘N I can’t help but notice the date on the back ain’t too long after we first met.”

Not too long after you were turned was what he meant by that.

The vampire placed the coaster & scotch on the coffee table & promptly snatched the pad away. He looked at the picture a moment. Conrad’s expression softened before he closed the book & put it in the drawer of his desk. “Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think.” He mumbled before sitting in the computer chair. He picked up his mug and eyed its contents. “I’ve always used my art to express what I feel.” He looked up, glaring at the other man. “Just drink your scotch all ready.” He took a great deep drought from his own cup.

Worth snorted & snatched his glass up off the table.

“Was just sayin’ I liked it…” He growled into his drink before taking a gulp. He grimaced, swallowed then made a loud smacking noise with his tongue.

“Damn, that’s good.” He mumbled to himself.

Conrad looked up surprised. “You like it?” he asked stunned. “No witty remarks about me not having talent? No speculation on my mental stability?” He looked back at his cup then sheepishly said, “Thanks. I’m glad the scotch is good.” He took another drink, nearly emptying his cup. “Why do you give me clean blood? You were right back there. It’s not like I can catch anything.”

Worth finished his drink in a second gulp, grimacing a little less this time, & put the glass on the coffee table. It wasn’t on the coaster. He stood & crossed to the kitchen, snatched the scotch bottle up and returned. He sat on the edge of the sofa and poured himself another drink. He looked down into the amber liquid, as if disgusted.

“I’ma doctor, stupid ass.” He said finally, & drank deep. He exhaled through his nose & settled back into the seat.

“Some doctor. Never even finished med school. ” He leaned back & sipped from his mug. Mmmm. Awkward silence. How nice.

The silence held a bit longer as Worth stared Conrad down.

“School is shit. I’ma doctor cause I wanna be a doctor. Hippocratic oath; Do no harm. I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me that.” Worth nodded his head toward a framed diploma on the wall. He got up, glass in hand.

“Ringling College of Art and Design.” He read “Guess we don’t agree. Guess ya needed someone to tell ya yer an artist.”

Oddly, there was no venom in Worth’s voice. Just deadened observation.

The brunette pointed at the blond, a very serious look on his face. “No one had to tell me I was an artist.”Leaning back in his chair he finished off his mug. “I went to school to polish my skills.” He stood & crossed to put his mug in the kitchenette sink.

“Ya know, yer real defensive.” Worth said to the vampire’s turned form.

Conrad shrugged one shoulder, mimicking a long forgotten nervous tick. “I liked school. Gave me a chance to grow & find out who I am.” He washed out the mug & placed it in the dish washer. He came back to sit on the couch. Leaning forward with his elbows rested on his knees. The vampire looked up at Worth. “So we’ve gone into my issues, wanna make this more awkward & talk about Hanna?”

Worth didn’t turn when Conrad passed him. He turned at the hip when Hanna was mentioned. He glared and half stomped past the coffee table, picking up the scotch bottle as he went. Fluidly he undid the cap with one hand & topped off his drink. He then looked at the bottle & took a swig for good measure before leaving it on the computer desk.
“Well, what the hell can I tell ya? We did what we did. I din’t treat him like a prince, but he never asked ta wine ‘n dine him. That’s not my style.” He wandered over to the love seat and collapsed there. His drink sloshed, threatening to spill. Worth gazed off into space.

“I guess I can understand where he’s coming from.” Conrad mumbled. “There’s so little romance left in the world. Sometimes it feels like there isn’t any left. When you finally find someone you love & they feel the same way you don’t want to be with anyone else.” He smiled at the thought than wild panic spread across his face. “Not that I know anything… I mean it’s none of my business…um, shouldn’t you be going?” He tried to act as nonchalant as possible but knew he was failing.

Worth’s eyebrows knit together as his alcohol soaked brain connected the dots. Gulping between thoughts seemed to help.

“Why’re ya so quick to kick me out on my ass all of a sudden?” Gulp. “We actually had a dialogue goin’ there.” Gulp. Pause. “ Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Are ya sayin’ yer sweet on someone? Talkin’ from experience, huh?”

Worth settled into his chair in a way that signaled he was looking for details.

The vampire did his best to try and cover up.”N-no. I’m not interested in anyone…I haven’t had a chance to meet anyone since…well, you know. And my ‘experience’ is none of your business!” He bristled at the indirect questioning. “I was just saying…well, do you know why Hanna stopped sleeping with you?” Conrad didn’t want to be a gossip whore but he had always been a believer in love and part of him wanted to believe that Worth would be able to handle this all better if he knew Hanna was loved.

“There ya go, bein’ a defensive little bitch again.” Worth grumbled “As for Hanna…Hanna ‘n me never asked many questions. Never worked that way.”

Worth finished his third (overfilled) glass of scotch of the night and tipped his head to the side. He stared at nothing, rolling the empty glass in his hand rhythmically. He didn’t look sad, per se. Rather his eyes were glazed with alcohol and deep thoughts. He stroked his stubbled chin and deflated lower into his seat.

Conrad settled back. He would leave the topic were it was. “I’m defensive because you’re an ass.” He grumbled. How he wished he could get drunk. Well, he hadn’t tried since he was turned. He got up and reached for the scotch bottle on his desk. He took a whiff and confirmed that it was not something he would be able to stomach. He wretched a little as he quickly placed the bottle on the coffee table. “Are you done yet? I don’t want you passed out on my floor tonight.” He said settling onto the sofa and ignoring the closeness of the inebriated man.

“How much is left in the bottle.” Worth said not, looking up.

“A little less than half the bottle.” Conrad said, eyeing it. He was very glad that the bottle hadn’t been bigger. “You’re not gonna drink all of it, are you?”

“If I gotta leave when it’s empty… probably not. If I were drinkin’ it by myself; now that’s another story.” Worth hesitated as if the next words were extremely tough to say to someone else “Fuck, it’s a just lot of hours ta be alone inna night.”

Worth snarled and covered his eyes with his hand, knowing he’d said too much.

“Fuckin’ scotch…” he mumbled.

A very large smirk spread across Conrad’s face. “Are you saying that big, bad, masochist…is lonely?” The vampire leaned a little closer. “And you call me a princess. At least I can sleep alone without pissing and moaning about it.”

“Get bent.” Worth groaned, not removing his hand. He gripped the glass harder.

Conrad chuckled. “Good to know that when your favorite fuck toy’s not around I’m your next pick for companionship.” He laughed. He knew it was mean but compared to half the stuff Worth had said to him in the past he felt he was entitled to a little nastiness. “Good to know I’m your silver medal.” He snickered again.

“Fuck off.” Worth hurled the glass across the room. It sailed through the living room and crashed against the front door where it shattered. Worth was out of his chair and looming over Conrad in one fluid moment. His depression seemed to be a distant memory.

“Tha’s right. Silver metal all the way, baby. Second place, ya little bitch. But I’ll give ya this much. Hanna ‘n me NEVER fought like this. Cats ‘n fuckin’ dogs, that’s what we are. Even when we’re gettin' along, you look fer a way ta start it all up again. You crave it like the blood I give ya. You crave it like I crave it ‘n that’s because in a world where by all accounts yer dead, it make ya feel alive. I told ya back there I had ya figured out ‘n I still think I’m not too far off.” Worth wound down, breathing heavy and wobbling on his feet. “Now…What d’ya say ta that?”

“You’re right. I do like fighting with you. It does make me feel alive.” Conrad stood up. “But I don’t always start it. What do you get out of this?” He started to walk past the other man. He knew, somehow, that if his heart was still beating it would be banging very loud in his chest right now.

“Y’ever think maybe I’m as dead as you? Need a little livenin’ up? Pills ‘n smokes ‘n booze only take ya so far. I need my own kind of blood, puppy. Drainin’ out or boilin’ over. And when one won’t do, nobody supplies the other like you. Glad we had this little chat. Now G’night.”

Worth stumbled toward the apartment’s exit, shoes crunching on the shards of Conrad’s glassware.

“Wait.” Why was he stopping this annoying man from leaving? He didn’t know but it just seemed to make since. “Thanks.” He finally said, “No one’s ever needed me before, albeit in such a fucked up way but it’s kind of nice.” Conrad shuffled his feet a little. “Hanna didn’t leave you because he stopped wanting you. He still does sometimes. He thinks about it but he’s in love and he doesn’t wanna screw that up.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“Stay here for the night. You can sleep on the couch. I can’t let you walk around looking that pathetic.” Conrad smiled cynically at the doctor.

“’M not pathetic.” Worth grumbled “’n I dunno if I should. A night on yer oh-so-fancy couch? Be murder on my bloody back.”

Still all the same, Worth turned heel and slunk over to the sofa. He collapsed on it face down and muffled something irritably into the leather.

“No, Worth, don’t go. You’ll offend my fragile sensibilities if you leave.” Conrad deadpanned. He chuckled to himself. “I’m sorry that my furniture isn’t up to your high quality standards.”

Conrad started down the hall to the linen closet but he stopped and came back a moment later.

“What are you mumbling about?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“I said ‘Don’t go fondling me bum in my sleep t’night.’ You don’t hafta sleep but I quite enjoy it.” Worth said after turning his head to the side. He rolled over, trying to find a comfortable position. He found it laying on his back on the hardwood floor with his legs up on the cushions.

“You wish.” The vampire grumbled as he turned back to the hall. He retrieved some sheets and a blanket and brought them back into the living room. “I’ll be in my bedroom if you need me.”

Conrad put the linens on the couch beside Worth’s legs. Worth didn’t so much as look at them, electing to shuffle his head a little further beneath the coffee table. He gurgled a response of some kind but as far as he was concerned the conversation was finished.

With a roll of his eyes, Conrad grabbed his Mac and went to his room. 
1st-Jul-2010 11:30 pm (UTC)
Halfway through I just started lecturing them about behivng that way in a store. I beleive the phrase was "I expected better from You , Mr. Archenleck!"
Not even going to touch the worthHanna
2nd-Jul-2010 07:46 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! I think the phrase I kept saying while we were writing was something like that mixed with "We are in a public place!"

Most people are wierded out by HannaWorth for some reason. I don't get it (I also love crack pairings soooo...)
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