October 23rd, 2012

☆i think i love you;

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'Sup guys. I know this community is loooong dead, but I'm a little desperate. I had a computer crash a couple months back and lost all the HINABN extras I'd had. It's, obviously, impossible to contact Tess to get 'em resent.

I'm currently only really interested in regaining the September wallpaper because honestly, asking someone to re-up everything is a bit ridic.

If anyones willing to help me out I can provide proof of donations, etc etc. Hit me up. My e-mail is reviendarling[at]yahoo.com

edit// Thank you so much everyone that e-mailed me. I'm only missing 2 or 3 (october, the one with abner, and I think one other) now. You guys are amazing. uvu♥