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HINaBN info dump

Soooo, I've gone through both of Tessa's Q&A journal entries on DA, and I collected all the relevant bits of info about each character. Here it is; I hope it'll help somebody, and might prevent others to ask the same question again.

Here and there, I added a bit of info that is well-known from the official character infos or Tessa's own comments; others entries might lack these evidences.

The characters have been asked plenty of times about who'd they have a sexual relationship with, and they NEVER answer. You can keep asking, but it is highly probable that you won't get any 'canon' information of that kind.

He has no idea why his parents named him Hanna
He's 5'2&1/2" tall & 110lbs though it's been a while he last checked
Star sign is Sagittarius
He never had a girlfriend before
He's a true redhead. (carpets and curtains, yes)
Mainly has his glasses for reading, he can see without them, too (later he claimed his vision was pretty bad without them). Had his glasses since he was 7 (later claimed 5)
Has a part-time job; he works at a department store
Became involved with the paranormal at the age of 16, when he had a run-in with a ghost (It's highly probable that his parents died in this incident, since he NEVER talks about them) He became a detective so he could help people with similar problems, and 'to be prepared next time'
Is an only child
He learned magic, sharpies and all from an old guy he kept buying booze for.
His magic has some side effects but nothing too bad (or so he claims)
Thinks all girls are cute but likes those best, who are proactive and can take command
Likes oolong tea with gobs of honey (according to {...}, so much honey there's barely any tea)
Fave cereal is Lucky Charms
Fave ice cream is Chunky Munky
likes orange soda
likes potato & scrambled eggs
Fave dessert is molten chocolate cake
Does NOT like cherry tomatoes
Likes Ancient Egypt
likes dinosaurs, also collects dinosaur things
Wears boxers
Loves Queen
If he had to be a mystical animal, he'd be a unicorn
Fave smell: FOOD
Fave Disney Princess: Aurora
Likes detective stories/movies
Fave pokemon is the trapinch
Fave color is orange
Fave TV show is Bill Nye the Science Guy
Fave musical is Spamalot
Likes Dresden Files
Likes video games and oldschool arcade
Fave comic hero is the Flash
If he could wish for something he's wish "for to be normal again"
Doesn't do mornings, would like waking up at noon best
fave woodland creature is a skunk
He can't dance. He does 'spastic flailing'
Animals seem to have a dislike toward him
Had been arrested before, for trespassing private property and for destroying public property
He pays Worth for his services with runes
Fave book genre is sci-fi
Autobot fan
By saying Worth was keen on Conrad, he meant that Worth liked how Conrad stood up for himself

He doesn't remember where he was buried, can't recall anything from his life, will not marry you (though the offer is appreciated). He woke up in those clothes, doesn't know why he has them, where he got them and yes, these are his only clothes so far. Also, the coat is not leather, and he got the fedora from Hanna. NO, he does NOT crave brains. Those aren't wings, just conveniently shaped hair tufts.
He was probably in his mid twenties when he died
He doesn't sleep. He uses to walk around the city at nights.
He enjoys making breakfast for Hanna, and likes how he calls him different names all the time.
Favorite name Hanna called him this far was Gallahad
He doesn't like water; takes no showers either, he claims he has other ways to keep himself clean.
His eyes actually glow.
Likes comics.
Interested in African cultures.
He traveled a lot during those 10 years since he died; but he died in the city the story takes place at.
fave music: anything with a crazy guitar in it
He haven't tried eating yet, but finds some soups very appetizing-looking. His sense of smell is intact.
Favorite bird is the finch
Would like to study history now that he has the time
If he had to be a mystical animal, he'd be a thunderbird
Prefers ninjas over pirates due to the code of honor
Likes the smell of grass
Fave Disney Princess: Belle
fave color is orange
Likes to read, fave genres and fantasy, sci-fi and urban fantasy
Smells sort of dusty/musty, "like a room that hasn't been aired for long"
Likes zombie fiction
Likes dogs and dogs seem to like him
kind of sounds like Oren Lavie:
He only blinks when he remembers to do it

Picks his own clothes, will not share brands, will not bash Twilight, no matter how much you want him to. He is okay with being a vampire, he just needs time to adjust.
He's 5'6" tall.
27 years old
Middle name is Dillon
He's a freelance graphic designer and went to Ringling College of Art and Design
Totally blind without his glasses (even as a vamp)
Blood type was AB
HE'S NOT GYNOPHOBIC. Also NOT GAY. Also HATES WORTH!! (<--Conrad's own statements)
He still haven't told his mother that he became a vampire. His father left when he was three, haven't seem him since.
He's still a virgin, because he haven't yet met that special someone. ^^
Has a tattoo on his left shoulder/shoulderblade; it is the skeleton of a "raptor-ish" dinosaur
He's afraid of heights.
Learned French in school
Has no reflection and it unnerves him
Food makes him sick
Haven't tried direct sunlight yet, but even with closed curtains, he gets a headache when he's at the lighter parts of his apartment
Doesn't sweat; but he still showers sometimes
Fave color is red
Fave food was sushi
Favorite ice cream was dark chocolate
Fave book series is Discworld
Fave Disney Princess: Megara
Likes, or at least liked the smell of coffee
Likes intelligent and confident women
Likes "The Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
Likes Asian culture.
Likes Dadaism and contemporary sculptures, but also ancient art
Fave singer appears to be Janelle Morae (also fave celeb)
Wears boxer briefs, 'cause they're comfortable. ^^ Also likes ties
Dogs want to chase him (probably due to being a vampire). Would rather own a cat
Had been hit on by a guy before once
If he had to be a mystical animal, he'd be a griffin
Buys food for Hanna
Uses both Windows7 and OSX
"sounds like the Kooks"
He has gotten into fights before, and knows how to throw a punch
He's British
Can drive and has a car; some kinda sports car, probably long and sleek but not too big

Does not really watch House MD, and YES, he'd fuck you.
His coat was made for him by a friend
Has a younger sister. She's a model
Got to know Hanna when the boy was 19
Is indeed a masochist
Doesn't cook much
Doesn't really play video games, but he likes shooters
Likes German rock and metal
"Sounds like the guy from That Handsome Devil: But with a bit of a butchered Aussie accent overlaying"
First name is Luce
He's in his early-mid thirties
Comes from a well-to-do family, which moved to America when Worth was around ten
6'5" tall

Gets her clothes from friends and thrift stores, will not tell exact shops. Her hair is awesome, she knows that. SHE'S NOT IN A BAND.
Her mom is Hispanic, dad is Japanese
Plays a supporting role in the theater
Became a werewolf in the 80's (that could mean both being born and being bitten)
Hair is naturally black, the blue are highlights
Thinks Conrad is nice and funny
Likes Peter Gabriel
If she could wish for something she'd "cheat death to bring somebody back"
Collects movies
Got into theater while in high school
Likes steak
Fave hot drink is hot chocolate
She cheats at transformations; she can force herself to transform, doesn't depend on the moon

YES, he is awesome, everybody knows that. Yes, he will marry you. Also, he is PART SELKIE, not a shark.
19 years old
Goes to college and lives in the dorms
Doesn't have a set major
does not transform
His eyes don't glow, they reflect light
The teeth are natural, and he doesn't go to the dentist
likes video games
fave soda is Dr Pepper
Likes seafood (what a surprise)
Likes dogs, the bigger the better; also mutts (says he identifies with them)
Likes soccer and street hockey
Would totally go out with Toni
(Tessa said he was born with sideburns. XD)
He does have some lime green undies
Decepticon fan

Hair is black, not purple
Says the different blood types do taste different
Picking Conrad's apartment was really just by chance
Will not share her age

Prefers his victims when they had something to drink beforehand
He's been together with Finas for a very, very long time
His hair is brown.
His skin was probably tanned when he died
His eye is always like that, and he can't see with it. (he sort of admitted that somebody might have poked it out) And whatever happened, it did after he became a vampire. Also said "it's part of the curse"
Tends to act first and think way later
Says vampires sleep, but don't really dream
Jokingly claims that he met Finas in a prison
Likes soccer
Likes to travel
He'd probably be a curator if he weren't a vampire
He's Italian

He's from England
A friend turned him into a vampire (but it wasn't Casimiro)
Claims Conrad probably won't be long lived, but later added, that he is "just young. He'll find his feet soon enough.". ^^
Had been a bouncer once, and he liked it
Has only a very light accent
Was married as a mortal, no children
Says the sun burns through vampires (maybe he tried...?)

He's English, and has a noticeable accent
He IS gay.
He works as an accountant
Can swing- and ballroom dance
Can play the piano
Sometimes tinkers with clocks
Favorite song he would pick is The Planets by Gustav Holst
Favorite book genre is classical horror and alternate historical fantasy
Likes seafood
Prefers earthy tones
Can drive and has a car; brand is still undisclosed
He looks that old, because "he's seen things... been through things" (quote from the ustream)
He gets his clothes tailored
Farsighted (that's why his glasses are usually that low on his nose)

Ferret is called Paradox (Para) and it's a male
Mother is alive and well
He'd rather NOT HUG, but you can play with the ferret
Paradox is not magically enhanced, though very intelligent
He worked as an engineer before becoming a hunter
He cooks for himself

Half Italian, half French
5'11" tall

General information:

Werevolves are rare
Vampires can smell blood
The comic takes place in the US, "somewhere coast-ish"
Runes also only work for those who know how to use them and are applied to paper to be past along to people

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