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This will be unpopular

But I'd like to make a quick comparison.

Ai Yazawa is a manga artist, very popular for her loveable characters and fantastic designs, rather like Tessa in my mind.

She's had a few good series which have garnered a lot of attention. Her latest is Nana, which has something like 84 chapters. In the very latest chapters, she pulled a rather big move with one of the characters that would have changed the story completely (I won't hint at what it is, in case there's anyone out there who wants to check out the work and be surprised.) It was HUGE, and everyone was shocked, and wanted to know what happened next.

In Tessa's latest posts, she pulled some rather big, game-changing moves which would have changed the story completely, and had everyone very excited and wanting to know what happened next. According to her journal entries, she had some big plans.

Ai Yazawa ended up leaving her work suddenly at a cliff-hanger point because she was hospitalized for an unknown illness. This was a couple years ago. She is slowly recovering, but she has publicly stated that she does not know if she will continue the series; in fact, she seriously doubts she will try to pick it up again. Twenty-four books into the series, just when it's starting to reach the big finale, and that's probably where the story will be left.

There has been no hate. No wank. Everyone is very disappointed that the series won't be finished, some are still holding out the hope that someday it will be finished. But no one has called Ai Yazawa out for not fulfilling her duty to fandom, letting down her publisher, being lazy, etc. This is because Ai Yazawa was honest, and made it clear that her own life and happiness are her priority, and she does not consider herself a slave to fandom.

Compare this to our scenario. There's been no word from Tessa, leaving other people to fill in the blanks. Some people have been kind, some people have not. The generous assumption is that Tessa is dealing with something huge, and deserves to be cut some slack. We're all hoping to hear from her again. But many are angry, sad---even offended in some cases---that she won't speak for herself. 

I don't need to have the whole story from her. I don't care what happened, it's none of my business. I just think she should have posted: "I will not be posting for a while. Please be patient." Or something to that effect. It's a simple, final statement that leaves no room for argument. It's impossible to say that no rumors (such as the lawsuit story) would have been started, but it might have helped. I truly believe it would have made the world of difference.

I'm tired of people ragging on her for "being irresponsible and lazy", and I'm tired of people defending her "because she's shy". No one should be speaking for her; she needs to speak for herself. Her silence has been more damaging to her character, her publisher, and her future than the hiatus.

I wish her very well, and hope that this will be resolved soon.
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